Hyde Park


Hyde Park Neighbourhood

London is a harmonious blend of inspiring architecture and beautiful green spaces. Unlike many global cities which have become sprawling urban masses, London’s cityscape is carefully protected; ensuring any changes or additions to it are in keeping with its historic yet innovative character and charm.

London’s royal parks and nature reserves are some of its greatest trophies. Central London is surrounded by open green spaces full of trees, plants and wildlife for Londoners and visitors to enjoy. During the lazy, sunny days of summer, London’s parks are scattered with happy people, ecstatic in their love of the weather and nature.

Hyde Park is the largest of London’s Royal Parks and is one of the most popular. Spanning an impressive 142 hectares, London’s Hyde Park is open to all so everybody can enjoy the oasis of calm and tranquillity it presents. Within Hyde Park, you will discover the ornate Italian Gardens, the grand Kensington Palace and the serene Serpentine Lake with its beautiful bridge. Also don’t miss the Princess Diana memorial fountain and the Peter Pan statue!

Peter Pan Statue
London Kensington Palace
London Serpentine Lake

To the east of Hyde Park, you will find the centre of London with Buckingham Palace, Soho and Mayfair all within easy reach. To the south, the glorious Albert Memorial is covered in gold leaf as a monument and tribute to the late Prince Albert, the beloved husband of Queen Victoria. Close to the Albert Memorial is another of London’s iconic landmarks, the Royal Albert Hall. Nearby, you will find the prestigious area of Knightsbridge, with grand Victorian homes, leafy garden squares and high-end department stores like Harrods. London’s museum quarter is also south of Hyde Park with blockbuster exhibitions throughout the year. The Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum are all within metres of each other. To the north, our hotels near Hyde Park give you an ideal vantage. Hotels near Hyde Park are perfectly situated to enjoy everything London has to offer: From the exciting city streets to the calm and tranquil green spaces of Hyde Park itself.

Aside from sunbathing, there are many great activities people can do in Hyde Park, like visiting inspiring art exhibitions and renting a pedalo on the Serpentine boating lake!  Whether you have hours to enjoy or just a few minutes, a stroll through Hyde Park will never disappoint. Discover all the lush trees, lakes, landscaping and sculptures as you meander along inviting paths crisscrossing the expansive oasis.

So whether you love picnics, art exhibitions, boating, nature walks or simply taking a shortcut across the city, Hyde Park is a treasure that all visitors and locals of London adore.